About Mini GP Racing

The founder of minigp racing is amateur bike enthusiast who started with age of 40 dreaming to put his knees down. Started with a novice group on track days and taking many classes with different couches all of them did well in teaching me all the basic stuff to ride safely and faster at the same time, but that was not enough espically if you are a fan of motogp races.

Every time you watch a race and see how Rossi dangle his leg after the straight line or Marc Marquez drift his bike and slide throughout the corner make me wonder how does motogp rider train on the track. And I found out that many pro rider was training on a smaller bike in a smaller circuit.

I ordered my first bike from rise moto USA dealer of ohvale. Got the bike and I start training on the bike on go kart circuit, it's not only fun to ride it is the best way to train, practice, and learn new technique. The risk in trying new things is much less as the speed and the Hight of the bike are not comparable to the bigger bikes.

I may not be the fastest rider on the track but I can assure you that these small monsters got me much faster on the bigger bikes, improved my riding style and my technique.

The fun part is you can ride and practice as much as you want with little money to spend on track fees, services and parts.

It is a new think in our region and I would like to promote it because the way I see it is we can grow a new generation of rider who can ride safely on the road and compete internationally on races.