OHVALE GP-0 project is the brainchild of Valerio Da Lio, industry expert with an experience of over thirty years in the motorcycle world: this premise is important to explain why the GP-0 cannot in any way be confused with many other seemingly similar products.

The GP-0 is in fact a new concept, it is not a "pocket bike", a "Mini GP" nor a "pit bike", but comes from the desire to design a vehicle that offers the fun and ease of riding of a real motorcycle, and daring racing driving style only professional riders can afford. This small motorcycle, with its purposeful, accessible and playful ergonomics, allows for the extreme riding style of a real racing bike while dramatically reducing the costs and transport inconveniences related to track riding.

Every component has been carefully designed for this purpose, giving priority to refinement, robustness and riders feedback; the true passionate will fall in love admiring the careful construction and finishing touches Made in Italy.

The OHVALE GP-0 is designed and manufactured in Italy, fruit of a careful industrialization that blends with refined craftsmanship.

To fulfill the OHVALE GP-0 dream, Valerio Da Lio has teamed with great men very well known in the motorcycle industry for their extraordinary abilities and high technical experience, in particular engineer Mariano Fioravanzo.

The worldwide reputation of this team represents the best guarantee of design excellence of this little supersport bike.

To whom this bikes is made for

Ohvale GP-0, available in 4 different versions, thanks to its characteristics of ergonomics, chassis and ease of riding, is suitable as an educational and training tool for youngsters or less experienced riders, for women passionate in the 2-wheel sport, but, most of all, can give adrenaline and competitiveness of track riding to experienced riders.

The continuous test drives organized and the sport activity on the OHVALE championship, were the best confirmation that this bike can give feelings entirely comparable to those of a real motorcycle.

Run everywhere with little money

Deciding to decline your passion for sport motorcycling on OHVALE GP-0 involves a number of practical advantages. The ease of transport is one of them, as the bike fits inside a normal hatchback car.

You can race with great satisfaction on any circuit or go-kart track, generally open all year round, avoiding long and expensive trips and furthermore permitting half-day track sessions. The cost of track rental, maintenance and tires are very low compared to a normal bike. The limited height of the GP-0 OHVALE guarantees greater safety. Furthermore, the bike was designed to limit damages in the event of a crash, with teflon pads on handlebar and footpeg ends. Let's also underline that a very low center of gravity and a careful choice of tyres allows the OHVALE GP-0 to be satisfactorily driven even in winter conditions.

It offers plenty of fun and adrenaline that have very little to envy to bigger bikes, much more challenging when driven to the limit.

How it handles

To describe the handling characteristics of OHVALE GP-0 let's leave the word to the team of professional testers that have collaborated in the development of the motorcycle: " We were able to transfer the pleasure of riding a supersport bike at Misano into a ride in a go-kart circuit with the OHVALE GP-0." "Our effort, using high quality components and parts made to our own specifications, was in fact aimed at achieving a healthy, stable and precise chassis which allows for great leaning angles and considerable confidence in motion during all phases of the curve. This feeling allows the driving pleasure to be appreciated by those who want to have fun or drive in a sporty manner also while sliding. Be careful not to underestimate its performance: close race fighting with these bikes is pure motorcycling."

Design & Bodywork

Design and technology of each component are fused into functional harmony for maximum driving pleasure.

The style and design of the OHVALE GP-0 is conceived to be at the service of technology and performance; to be not only beautiful but also unique, effective and functional.

The body is made with a procedure which ensures robustness, elasticity, lightness and constant thickness. In particular the seat/tank is in one piece to assure maximum strength, while petrol is contained in a 3.5l undertank. Main bodywork is divided into front, lateral and bottom fairings to limit damage in the event of a fall. The driving position, which boasts adjustable rearsets and levers, is designed to ensure true motorcycle ergonomics and optimal control to drivers of all sizes.

Frame and swingarm

The frame is a sophisticated perimeter trellis with high-strength steel tubes, built in Italy. The design, created entirely in 3D CAD, followed the canons of a sportbike, as confirmed by Mariano Fioravanzo: "we started studying the centroids, sprocket position, chain pull, trail and steering offset, in order to arrive at the optimum weight distribution, judged on modern sportsbikes to be 53% at front and 47% at the rear".

The rear swingarm is made of aluminum alloy with variable section arms and extruded parts welded together at the ends.


The suspensions, made to Ohvale specifications, consist of an inverted front fork with 33 mm stanchions and anodized aluminum legs, and a single rear shock adjustable for spring preload, compression and rebound damping with adjustable wheelbase through a system built in the frame.


Engines are 4-stroke, 2 or 4 valves, automatic or 4 speed versions, with electric or kick start, from 8hp to 25hp. All engines are sealed and controlled by the company before delivery. In this way customers can take part to the onemake Ohvale championships.

All versions are equipped with a stainless steel and titanium fiber Arrow exhaust system with variable-diameter tubing, developed and bench-tested specifically for OHVALE GP-0. Despite having paid particular attention to maximum performance, exhaust noise level is contained within the 92 dB limit, extremely important as it is the maximum allowed at certain tracks.


The braking system is characterized by technical solutions used in maxi sports motorcycles: 4-piston monobloc radial calipers with 180 mm or 190mm disc at front, twin-piston calipers with 155 mm disc at the rear, sintered pads, braided hoses and adjustable levers. Particular attention has been paid to the braking power and control.

Design & Bodywork

Rims are 10" aluminum alloy 3-spoke split design, developed by OHVALE and manufactured in Italy. They are one of the main features of the GP-0 project as .

Tyres are made exclusively to Ohvale specifications to ensure a homogeneous feeling with the chassis and have the logo "GP-0" stamped on them.


A "real" sportbike is such not only for its performance but also for the care taken in its construction.

In the case of OHVALE GP-0 the details speak for themselves: every component is conceived for optimal function and performance, increasing the quality and finish of the end product using specific material choices and treatments.

Parts obtained from CNC-machined, solid aluminum billet are: top steering stem with ball bearings, bottom steering and tapered aluminum roller bearings, adjustable handlebars and supports, footpegs, and adjustable shift and brake levers working on bearings with copper seals to ensure functionality and smoothness over time. Tank cap is aeronautical type.